In a nutshell, we are specialists in large format printing for both indoor and outdoor use. Our product catalogue includes a large number of items such as roll up banners, Flag banners. Table covers, Exhibition display, Pop up banners, Pop up wall Canopy tents, Pop up a-frame Hanging fabric display and Banner printing. We also offer display hardware such as banner stands, trade show displays and outdoor sign hardware because it is important to us that we are the first name that pops to your mind for any commercialized printing. 

We have a wide array of printers that support Gloss, Satin, Bond and Matte Finish Paper, Jet-Flex Vinyl Adhesive Vinyl, Mesh and Polypropylene so it is safe to say we are indeed your one stop hub to large format printing. We are not trend followers or imitators and believe in making our mark in the industry, graphic printing is a business that has seen immense advancement, mainly due to the bloom in the technology.We come from very humble beginnings offering standard printing and entering a niche market such as commercialized printing was a huge risk on our part. We are proud of the journey we have come since then catering to individual customers and now being a regular supplier to fortune 500 companies.

Flag banners are the most popular way of advertising at both indoor and outdoor settings as they fit right in for events ranging from trade show booths to outdoor events and for even for advertising outside of your place of showroom, store, office or factory they are primarily very effective for locations that have a good deal of walk in customers. They can displayed in your sales floor or office lobby to promote special events or limited-time-only sales or even as a general exhibit. Our most sought after products include the feather banner Melbourne and the teardrop banner. In my opinion it is because they are the most convenient size, making it the most ideal to display in varied locations.

Feather banner come in the shape of narrow rectangles. Our banners come in three heights that include 2.4 m, 3.5 m and 4.5 m. Teardrop banner is somewhat shaped like large drops of water, hence its name. Its unique shape is achieved by a curved banner stand which is attached to the base with a bungee cord, giving this particular banner its unique shape. They are a better choice for outdoor advertising as they are comparatively larger in size and comes in an intriguing shape.Word of advice. Be sure to purchase sand bags or anything else that might secure them from falling over during high winds!