If you want to make your bedroom look amazing like the beautiful pictures that you see in magazines and online, you will want to start with a plan where you decide on what colour and what kind of theme you would like for your bed room design. Many of us do not have a design theme for our bedrooms or for our homes in general which is the main difference between our homes and the ones that we admire in magazines. The key to a great design is to have a colour theme and to stick to the colour theme strictly when it comes to everything from curtains to pillows to bed sheets.

Choose a colour theme

Choose a colour theme that consists of two of your favourite colours or one that consists of white and shades of your favourite colour. This can be a black and white theme or a white and shades of blue theme but either way, you need to stick to it throughout your design and not deviate from it at all. If you have chosen to go with black and white for your bed room design, you can choose to either paint your walls pure white in order to reflect the most amount of light and then have everything else in black so that it contrasts against the wall or you can choose to have a pretty black & white wallpaper for your room instead. You need to go to https://www.luxewalls.com.au/product-category/black-white-wallpaper/ and look at some of the designs to help you to make a decision about what kind of theme you would like to settle with.

You can also get custom wallpaper Sydney done if you would like that by designing something and giving it to a wall paper company to print for you, This can be your name, your drawings or even photographs of your favourite memories.It does not have to cost you a lot of money to redesign your room but sometimes, the main part of giving your room a new look is arranging it and making it neat. If you get rid of most of the clutter in your room to begin with, this will help to give the illusion of the room being bigger than it actually is. You can also use mirrors in your design to make it look bigger and to help it reflect light. Take your time with the redesigning project by studying different interior designing principles online and working with them to create a beautiful look for your room.